Our Service

Quality service depends on 2 things – competent people and consistent process.

You can see our people on our team page.

Our 5 Step Advice Process is the same for all clients:

Step 1 – Current Situation Analysis


Understanding your current financial situation, your aspirations and requirements.

Step 2 – Risk Profiling


Using a leading risk profiling tool, we construct a portfolio of funds that allow you sleep at night.

Step 3 – Future Wealth Planning


Taking the information from your expenditure planner to project your needs at critical stages in your life.

Step 4 – Portfolio Construction


Applying our proven asset allocation and fund filtering process to meet your needs for income or growth.

Step 5 – Regular Reviews


Ongoing reviews of your investment portfolio at six-month intervals, with face-to-face or ‘phone meetings.

Every year we have 2 external checks on our service

Every year we ask others to do 2 things to check our service remains the best it can be.

Firstly, we ask our clients to complete a survey on what they like and what they wish to us to do differently.

Secondly, we invite Standards International to look over our investment, compliance and service processes.

They have awarded us the British Standard BS8577 for financial planning and advice since 2013  – only 67 UK independent advice firms met this standard in 2016.

They have also awarded our principal adviser, Helen Blackburn, the International Standard ISO 22222 for personal financial planning since 2010.

Finally, all our new clients have our 12 month guarantee – see below.


Service guarantee

Money back guarantee

12 months to meet your expectations
Our fees refunded if you leave us in a year
(excluding fund & provider fees)

Here's 3 things we don't do:

1. We never delegate our fund management responsibilities to discretionary fund managers (DFMS)


We manage client portfolios from £500,000 to over £5million and make healthy, safe returns for our clients over the longer term. Why would we hand the advice over to a third party who have no connection or understanding of you, the client?

2. We never hold any client’s money directly


All our investments are placed in funds that are regulated with the Financial Conduct Authority. Client money never passes though our own company account and we never risk our clients’ monies in any type of unregulated investments whatsoever.

3. We never shoehorn clients’ money into ‘model portfolios’


We believe in constructing financial portfolios that meet the needs and aspirations of the individual client and their family, not to meet our own convenience.

A few words from our clients

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Our Service

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I’m sure you’ll be no different, so take a peek through to our service page.

You’ll find all about our team, our fees, and of course, the service you can expect from us.

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