Our fees – as clear as day

We have an Initial Advice Fee and an annual Service Fee.

Our Initial Advice Fee is 1% of your investment value.

For investments of £1 million + we waive this fee.

Pension Transfers – Triage and Abridged Advice is Free.

Full Advice – Recommendation & Implementation is £7,000.

Our annual Service Fee is a % of investment value:

  • Up to £1 million a 1% fee from your fund.
  • Between £1 and 4 million a 0.75% fee from your fund.
  • Investments over £4 million a 0.60% fee from your fund.

Annual fund provider & platform charges average 1% of fund value.

We do not charge for withdrawals or fund switches.

Every member of our team is selected for their specialist knowledge and experience.

Just as important is their friendliness and desire to help our clients as part of the Oaklands family.

Our Service

The second most visited page on our website last year, after our home page, was our team page.

People like to know whom they’re dealing with and if they’ve got the right credentials.

I’m sure you’ll be no different, so take a peek through to our service page.

You’ll find all about our team, our fees, and of course, the service you can expect from us.

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