Our fees – as clear as day

A word or two about our fees. They are simple and fair.

They are consistent and ensure our business is sustainable.

In most cases the fee is paid directly from your investments.

All our clients pay the same rate, according to the amount invested.

Read on for more details on the fees for your investment.

Our Fees


Our initial Fee

For investments up to £1million we charge a 1% initial set up fee and for investments over £1million there is no set up charge.

In most cases the fee can come straight from your investment funds.

When you first become a client it covers:

  • Assessing your risk tolerance with a leading risk assessment tool
  • Analysing your current financial situation, ‘pensions gap’ and your future plans
  • Researching the whole of the financial market to find the investments and tax wrappers that are most appropriate and tax-efficient for you
  • Constructing an individual investment portfolio for you, using our proven asset allocation and fund filtering process

Our ongoing fee

For investments up to £1million we charge 1% of the value of your portfolio

For investments of between £1million and £4million we charge 0.75%

For investments over £4million we charge 0.6%

For this you will receive each year:

  • Twice yearly reviews of your investment portfolio
  • Easy read charts on how your funds have performed
  • Continual monthly monitoring of all funds you are invested in
  • Adjustments to your funds without further switch fees
  • Access to myself and my team in between reviews for advice

We look at the values of clients’ investment portfolios twice a year on 4th January and 4th June and adjust our fees according to the value at those times.

Where significant investments are made into your portfolio between these dates, your fees will be adjusted immediately.

Please note that fees are generally taken on a monthly basis directly from the pension or investment product provider and our fees are not subject to VAT.

Fund Management Fees


Fees are also payable to the fund managers and providers that are selected for your portfolio.

These vary and will be detailed in your recommendations letter.

While we keep a watchful eye on the level of such fees, it is the net performance that is the most important measurement.

The Value Equation


You’ll doubtless find cheaper advisers. Yet cost is but one part of the value equation.

None of us want to pay more than we have to for things. That is human nature and serves us well when selecting commodity items that don’t need extra value adding.

The pricing of funds and our service are an important consideration for you. Even more important is the performance of your investments after fees. A stripped down, bare bones investment service is unlikely to do its utmost for you.

When selecting something as important as a wealth management service you need to be assured of two things:

  1. Sustainability – Is the service priced at a level that allows you to be served by an expert team? One that is supported to grow and provide service throughout your lifetime with the right level of experience and diligence?
  2. First class personal service – nothing less will do. We don’t believe in different levels of service according to who you are or the size of your portfolio. We simply offer the best level to all our clients. All the time.

Every member of our team is selected for their specialist knowledge and experience.

Just as important is their friendliness and desire to help our clients as part of the Oaklands family.

Our Service

The second most visited page on our website last year, after our home page, was our team page.

People like to know whom they’re dealing with and if they’ve got the right credentials.

I’m sure you’ll be no different, so take a peek through to our service page.

You’ll find all about our team, our fees, and of course, the service you can expect from us.

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