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Are you in retirement or thinking about it?

Wondering what you should do with your pension in these turbulent times? If so, I urge you to read on.

There are times to sit tight, do nothing and wait until the storm passes. This is not one of them.

Watching values of savings and pensions fall, while interest rates and inflation rise faster than the change in Chancellors, is a white-knuckle ride for all of us.

However, Doing Nothing is not a strategy. It is passive inaction leaving your pension fund exposed.

Rather than relying on hope, there is action you can take now on your pensions to not only weather the storm; more importantly to be positioned for growth.

Yes Growth. Unlikely as it may sound just now, better times are ahead of us. It’s just none of us know when. Not the soothsayers, not the thousands of economists analysing markets each day until the cows come home. Not even Warren Buffet.

Stock markets react to both emotional and rational impulses because of real people making real decisions. Many are swayed by the challenges of today and influenced by the negative press reporting. That’s not to misunderstand the state we are in. Just that life goes on and we still need to plan ahead for a rosy future.

Just consider this – Though we may yet go into recession with still higher inflation and interest rates, the worst may be over in terms of company share values by the middle to end of 2023.

Stock markets, as soon as they sense even a whiff of recovery in the air will start investing again in companies, resulting in higher market values. If your pension is not positioned in the right areas by then you’ll miss the sudden hikes which can occur within a day.

Nobody in the financial world can guarantee anything. That’s for sure. Though what’s also true is that pensions with an appropriate proportion of stock market shares are best placed to retain your spending power in the long run.

This has been proven over the last 67 years by the annual Barclays Equity Gilt Study. It shows time and again missing a few critical days of stock market rises can impact your pension and future income for decades to come.

That’s why, despite all the gloom and uncertainty there has never been a better time to weather-proof your pension to ride the financial storm and be positioned for medium to long-term growth.

3 very simple principles are all it takes:

  1. Investing your pension & savings in a diversified portfolio of funds
  2. Using cashflow modelling to forecast your income and spending
  3. Reviewing your investment funds every single month

You can choose to do this yourself. If you’re comfortable in selecting from the 3000+ FCA regulated funds available that is. And if you have the tools to forecast your lifetime cashflow. And if you understand your risk profile and investment asset classes to diversify your funds. And have the ability to stress-test your assumptions for stock market crashes.

Or, like hundreds of others before you, you could chat to us.

We are Oaklands Wealth Management. We are a nice, down to earth and highly experienced team happy to help you. Our clients are from a wide range of backgrounds – including factory workers, professionals, divorcees, growing families, business owners and those already in-retirement.

You haven’t reached this point in life without doing something good. You wouldn’t have a £500,000+ pension otherwise. The question to ask yourself is: have you really got the time and expertise to navigate the current financial landscape?

We specialise in pensions and the management of the wealth of people just like you. We do this day in, day out. giving our clients peace of mind about their future income. And most importantly giving them the freedom to get on and do what they are best at and enjoy themselves.

Call Now for Your Free Pension Review. No obligation or strings attached. All completely in confidence. We’re here for your call now on 0121 355 4455, or drop us a line at and we’ll call you back.

We can talk over the ‘phone, set up a Zoom call wherever you are in the UK or if you’re local, come in and chat with us at our offices in Sutton Coldfield over a coffee.

Meantime, 2 things to check out first are our Fees and Our Team.

Next, look over our Client Journey including our investment process– proven since 2004 to see our clients through the recession of 2008/09 and recent pandemic.

We really are a friendly lot. Please don’t leave your future finances to chance – simply call us now on 0121 355 4455 for peace of mind with your pension.

we ask just 3 questions of you to see if this has the makings of a match made in heaven:

Do you have over £500,000 in pensions or savings (£650,000 for pension transfers)?
Do you value personal service and an equal relationship between us both?
Do you want lifetime financial advice with regular reviews so you have peace of mind with your investments?

When you’ve answered YES to all 3 we’d love to help you along your financial journey. It’s now just one small step away.

Simply reply by clicking the button below. Then one of our friendly team will telephone you to discover more about your investment requirements.

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PS. Obviously giving us a try is Risk Free with our 12 Month Money-Back Service Guarantee


Helen Blackburn
MD & Founder of Oaklands Wealth Management talks about her experience.

I set up my independent financial advice company in 2004 after 20 years working for large pension & investment firms.

I regard that time as a long apprenticeship into the sorts of investments folks should be in. Just as importantly too, those to steer clear from.

Be wary of anything with the ‘guaranteed income’ label on it. No funds can hold to such a rash promise. Also run a mile from non-regulated funds, promising double-digit returns.

Our investment process has been honed over the years, though fundamentally the same as it ever was. I believe in active fund management where analysis of the future of companies is considered, not just previous performance.

All our funds we invest in are FCA regulated. And we have a filtering process which whittles down over 3000 funds every month to the selection we choose.

Our performance criteria are set by our investment team and we stick to our principles. Never swayed by emotion.

Using cashflow modelling we forecast your income and expenditure over your lifetime. Then we construct a portfolio adjusted for your risk profile.

Our service includes setting up and managing personal pensions, SIPPs, ISAs and General Investment Accounts. Plus personalised portfolio construction.

And if you have a pot of money from a property or business sale, divorce or inheritance, we can help you generate a tax efficient lifetime income stream.

We also set up investment plans for those who exceed the Pension Lifetime Allowance (currently £1.0731 million) and need further advice.

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It’s easy to move on from another advisor.
We’ll handle everything.

All that’s needed is for you to sign some letters of authorisation and we’ll do the rest.

None of your investments will be switched into new funds until you’ve agreed with our recommendations and you’re fully happy with any changes we propose.

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British Standard BS 8577 Awarded Service

12 Month Money Back Service Guarantee

Lifetime Cashflow Planning

Risk Adjusted Personal Investment Portfolio

ISO 222222 Certified Financial Advisors

Monthly Fund Analysis

2 Investment Portfolio Reviews Per Year


“When my circumstances changed through divorce I visited Helen at Oaklands Wealth where she very clearly explained all my options in a way I understood. I’m very pleased with the outcome from the pension and investment advice and Helen couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful.”

Janet Chatterley


“Helen is outstanding in her knowledge of the pension ‘minefield’ and immediately gave us a feeling of ease when discussing, what is after all, the rest of our financial lives. From the very first e-mail to the ‘sit down’ you have with her, everything is done in plain English. Helen is a model professional in this field.”

Stephen Bannister



No half measures. We don’t set it up then leave you all at sea. We manage your investments ongoing and hold ourselves accountable for steering you through your financial journey.

This phrase came from a client who said that’s exactly what we felt like to him, he said “you are like a friend or good neighbour who’s always got my best interests at heart.”

Whatever the reason you come to us we care. We really care. Like it’s our own money.

Tidying up bit and bobs of pensions and putting them neatly in a pot you have full control over.

Maybe transferring a final salary pension if your objectives are better met with your own pension.

Making sure you get all the tax efficiencies legally available to you to enhance your money.

Pointing the microscope on 3,000+ funds and finding the best ones to secure your retirement.

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