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Our Retirement Planning Service

Analysing Your Current Situation

Analysing Your
Current Situation

  • Understanding your working or retirement phase
  • Income and expenditure planning
  • Consolidation of any under-managed pensions
  • Analysing your use of tax-efficient saving
Clarifying Your Financial Objectives

Clarifying Your
Financial Objectives

  • Forecasting your income requirements
  • Planning for dependents and life events
  • Exploring the fit with your non-financial objectives
  • Preparing a recommendations report on your options
Constructing Your Investment Portfolio

Constructing Your
Investment Portfolio

  • Measuring your risk profile
  • Diversifying across various asset classes
  • Using our proven fund-filtering process
  • Making tax efficient investment choices
Regular Investment Reviews

Regular Investment

  • Performance reviews every 6 months
  • Easy read reports with graphs
  • Free adjustments to portfolio changes
  • Ad-hoc investment advice as you require

How It Works


Step 1 Free appointments with our qualified advisers.


Step 2 A thorough assessment of your situation and objectives.


Step 3 Recommendations and ongoing investment reviews.

Our Fees

We have an Initial Advice Fee and an annual Service Fee.

Our Initial Advice Fee is 1% of your investment value.

For investments of £1 million + we waive this fee.

Pension Transfers have an initial advice fee of £7,500

Our annual Service Fee is a % of investment value:

  • Up to £1 million a 1% fee from your fund.
  • Between £1 and 4 million a 0.75% fee from your fund.
  • Investments over £4 million a 0.60% fee from your fund.

Annual fund provider & platform charges average 1% of fund value.

We do not charge for withdrawals or fund switches.

12 month guarantee

Wondering about your future lifestyle?

Have you over £500,000 in pensions or savings?
Reserve your FREE Investment Review (worth £250).

Have control of your future

Ensure your money supports all phases of your life.

Protecting Your Life’s Work

Transfer or consolidate pensions

Divorce Settlement or Inheritance?

Invest for growth and income

Selling Your Business?

Business sale re-investment to draw income

Why Choose Our Company

Service is Within Our Heart

Investment is nothing without people you can trust to understand your situation.

British Standard Awarded Service

Our company’s investment and service processes are scrutinised annually by Standards International.

Proven Investment Process

A tax efficient investment strategy that will last your lifetime.

12 month Service Guarantee

You have 12 months to see if we meet your expectations. If not, and you leave us, we refund our service fees.

Ready to Discuss Your Requirements?

How Ian’s Pension
Transfer Worked For Him.

What were the circumstances that caused you to look for an IFA?
After leaving Rolls-Royce after 26 years, I wanted to transfer my pension into an investment fund but I find anything pension or investment related a ‘black art’.

How did Helen Blackburn help you?
Helen reviewed my circumstances and asked me to complete a risk profile questionnaire, which was then used to develop my portfolio.

What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?
Definitely, I also appreciate being made to feel part of the Oaklands family, every team member I have come across is an established professional and a pleasure to interact with.

What could they have done better?
I wish I could find a fault, but I’m not going to invent one when one really and truly doesn’t exist. I would recommend Helen, including the whole Oaklands team, in a heartbeat.

A Friend For Your Financial Journey

You know that money can’t buy you happiness. But it’s a lot easier to be happy when you don’t have to worry about your money! When you know your investments are being looked after by a trusted friend, it’s easier to pursue your hopes and dreams and goals. It’s called peace of mind. That’s what our clients tell us they want above all else. So, our culture, values, and guarantees focus on delivering exactly that. Peace of mind. When you join the Oaklands family, you’ll always know how your investments are performing relative to your financial goals. We’ll meet for regular reviews, of course. And, we’ll always be on hand to chat things through if your situation changes or you need to ask questions.

Wondering about your future lifestyle?

Have you over £500,000 in pensions or savings?
Reserve your FREE Investment Review (worth £250).