Birmingham IFA Helen Blackburn talks about divorce investments & pensions

Divorce investments & pensions

A personal message from Helen Blackburn, Managing Director.

Working in partnership with divorce lawyers in the Midlands and London I see many people in your situation, and I urge you to seek advice at the earliest opportunity if your share of assets is likely to exceed £500,000.

Divorce is nothing new, but people are tending to get divorced later in life. This means pensions funds can be the biggest source of wealth – sometimes outstripping property. And there are often considerable sums from house sales requiring sensible investment to provide lifetime income.

It costs nothing to make contact, and there’s no obligation – just come and see if you like us. I’m always here to speak to you and I have a superb team who care for people as much as they do for their investments.

We know this is a time of considerable upheaval and can assure you a friendly and confidential service.

Divorce investments & pensions

It is not only the splitting of pensions that you need to consider but also the investment of any lump sums you may receive as a result of the divorce.

You will need this to provide a source of income either now or in the future and the settlement needs investing in a way that can outpace inflation in the longer term and last you a lifetime.

Your approach to risk and investments may be quite different to your ex-spouse and it’s important that we assess your priorities now and help you plan for the future.

You will require your investments to provide an income, whether that be now or in the future. We can help by modelling your expenditure and forecasting sustainable income patterns that can last you a lifetime.

Splitting Pensions

Over recent years the splitting of pensions has become much more commonplace. Not least because under the pensions freedoms rules introduced in 2015 final salary schemes can now be used to release capital sums for divorce settlements.

Personal pensions can be accessed from age 55 making this an important consideration alongside other income and assets in the divorce negotiations. However, pensions are hugely complex with many factors to consider in splitting them.

And if you’ve not built up a substantial pension of your own, it’s even more important that pensions form part of the negotiations alongside any lump sums that come from the settlement.

If you have the settlement already then we need to start work to ensure it is properly invested in a way that suits you and your new future. Whatever stage you are at, do get in touch – we’d be only too pleased to help.

Janet Chatterley

What were the circumstances that caused you to look for an IFA?
I was recommended by my divorce solicitor in 2010.

How did Helen Blackburn help you?
By explaining to a very non-financial savvy person in terms I could understand the best way forward. By arranging regular meetings and always being kept up to date. A professional with a personal touch, which is much appreciated.

What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?
No complaints whatsoever.

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