Helen Blackburn talks about pensions freedoms

How Pensions Freedoms can help you

The changes to Pensions Freedoms in 2015 was good news for all of us who want control and flexibility with our pension funds.

The 3 main benefits of a personal pension are:

  1. You can draw upon a personal pension from age 55, with a tax-free allowance of 25% of the total; and the rest taxed at your marginal tax rate.
  2. There is no need to buy an annuity upon retirement – as long as your pension fund is invested within a suitable income drawdown wrapper, you may take income from it as you wish after reaching 55.
  3. The ability to pass your fund on to anyone you nominate, upon death.

If you have an existing pension worth over £500,000 which is not being managed properly, you are considering consolidating a number of pensions into one place, or you have pensions from a divorce, you will find help here. We are able to advise on the full range of pension options and our experienced advisors hold specialist pension transfer permissions to analyse final salary/defined benefit/safeguarded pensions. For defined benefit or final salary pension transfers we have a minimum transfer value of £650,000.

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Building, consolidating & drawing pensions

Do you have an existing pension fund that needs building, you’d like to consolidate some old pensions, or draw income? All of these situations require a proven investment approach adjusted to your risk profile to give peace of mind.

Divorce pensions & investments

If you are going through divorce or already have a pension split or lump sum settlement to invest, advice is crucial. How you invest will depend on your current need for income, your responsibilities for others and your future plans. Secure your future now.

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