Helen Blackburn talks about lump sum investment

Investing for a lifetime.

Whether you come to this page with a lump sum to invest, some pensions to sort out or, like many people, a mixture of ISAs, other savings and quite a few pensions, we can sort things out for you into one neat investment portfolio.

We advise individuals and families with over £500,000 to invest, who appreciate the value of full personal service and trust us to look after their pensions and investments throughout their lifetime.

There’s more information below depending on whether your primary concern is investing a lump sum or sorting out pensions.

No matter if you have both – simply give us a call or click on the button below to book your free appointment.

Lump sum investment

A substantial sum of money from a property or business sale, inheritance, divorce or legal claim is something precious you’ll want investing wisely.

At the outset we’ll take 3 steps to invest your money so it can last your lifetime:

We’ll start by getting you to complete an income and expenditure planner


And if you can foresee your circumstances changing in the future, then we’ll ask you to project forward your future income requirements too.

You’ll then complete a risk-profiling questionnaire to assess how you feel about money


Whether you have a cautious, moderate or adventurous attitude to investing.

Next, we’ll use an income-modelling tool to examine different income scenarios for you


You may need more income now and less over time or the other way around. Our aim is to agree a sustainable withdrawal rate from your funds.

These 3 steps will then influence how we construct your individual investment portfolio. Your money will be diversified into collective regulated funds, spread across assets including company shares, bonds, gilts and cash, according to your risk profile and objectives.

Ongoing investment review

Every six months your portfolio is reviewed. You’ll have performance charts. You’ll know exactly where your investment stands. Peace of mind, it’s as simple as that.

And even when you take income from your investments the balance will still be managed in the same way – for safe, healthy long-term growth. Research shows that people’s attitude to risk doesn’t often vary as they grow older, and we continue to manage investments for growth even when they are retired or drawing income.

Research and preparation are vital for any successful investment. Follow these steps with us and you’ll benefit from sound financial advice and lifetime fund management.

Rebecca Newton Jones

What were the circumstances that caused you to look for an IFA?
Recent divorce. Needed help and advice on what do do with my pension and how best to use the money from my divorce settlement.

How did Helen Blackburn help you?
Spent hours going through all my finances and explained in plain English what she thought the best way forward would be. Having never had to do anything like this before it was very daunting and it came at a time when I was feeling most vulnerable.

What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?
Absolutely Yes.

What could they have done better?
Nothing so far she has far exceeded my expectations already.

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