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Investments or pensions?

Maybe you have ISA savings, or the proceeds from a business or property sale, divorce or inheritance? Whatever the source, we specialise in advising on portfolios over £500,000 and can help you plan your long-term investment strategy.

This includes full cashflow modelling until age 100 and tax efficient options for when you decide to draw income.

We’ll talk you through our thoughts on growth, income and diversification and why your risk profile is so critical to your approach to lifetime investing.

On the other hand, if you have over £500,000 in pension funds and want them managing more actively, click on the pensions button below and we’ll take you through your options.

Perhaps you have a mixture of pensions and other savings such as ISAs or bonds? In which case just get in touch via either link to discover how we can help you gain peace of mind on your financial journey.

Click on the link below for more information on investments or pensions

Lump sum investment

A substantial sum of money from a property or business sale, inheritance, divorce or legal claim is something precious that you’ll want to last your lifetime…


Pensions need managing for growth to outpace inflation and provide you with a solid stream of income throughout your retirement. Do you want to combine old pensions, have your existing pension fund better managed or draw income…

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People like to know whom they’re dealing with and if they’ve got the right credentials.

I’m sure you’ll be no different, so take a peek through to our service page.

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