Giving to others

We obviously care deeply about the impact our business has on you and your family’s wealth. We also care about our impact on the wider world.

Over the years, as a company, we have given to many good causes where a member of the team or a client is doing something worthwhile to fundraise for charity.

Having said that, we wanted to go a step further and embed an ethos of giving into our daily activities. So every time we do business we make something good happen beyond ourselves.

Two years ago we decided to make a donation every time we:

  • carry out a client investment review
  • we are referred a client from someone else

At the end of every month we add up the number of reviews and send a payment to one project or charity of the team’s choosing that seems appropriate for that time.

Business for Good

As well as our donations to UK based charities, we also fund projects through our lifetime partnership with B1G1 – Business For Good, so we can fund some helpful projects right around the world.

These have included:

  • providing goats to Kenyan families to generate income from the sale of milk and cheese
  • giving 3 nourishing meals a day to orphans and underprivileged children in Katmandu, Nepal
  • supporting Afghan women to set up kitchen gardens to feed their family and generate income

In case you’re wondering, this doesn’t increase your fees, nor does it come out of your investments.

These are simply modest amounts that given each month from our business have the power over time to really help people in need.