Helen Blackburn talks about Wealth Management


This is a genuine offer to help those with over £500,000 in pensions or savings sleep easier at night in these challenging times.

Not being invested in the right funds now will have a devastating effect on your retirement income for decades. You can resolve this if you act now.

If you are building wealth, drawing retirement income, or thinking of transferring a pension I’m offering you a free investment review with our top advisors.

Where will you be in 30 days time if you don’t take up my offer? No doubt still worrying if you’ll have enough money for the retirement lifestyle you deserve.

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Helen Blackburn, BA(Hons) DipFA MLIBF AwPETR

Managing Director

What are you looking to do with your money?

Pension Transfer

This may be a Final Salary or Defined Benefit scheme

Invest a lump sum

Invest a settlement, inheritance or asset sale

Sort out pensions

Use pension freedoms to invest or draw income

Money back guarantee

12 months to meet your expectations
Our fees refunded if you leave us in a year
(excluding fund & provider fees)

Our Service

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People like to know whom they’re dealing with and if they’ve got the right credentials.

I’m sure you’ll be no different, so take a peek through to our service page.

You’ll find all about our team, our fees, and of course, the service you can expect from us.

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